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Scale Your Law Firms Growth With Bright Ideas

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Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Most small to mid-size law firms are fed strategies that don’t work for them. We can help forge a path to bright ideas that are unique to you, work for you & drive results for you.


Grow your law firm’s inbound leads, profitability and improve your work-life balance.

Before you hire a marketing agency, Think BIG Before you spend any money without knowing what the outcome and expectations should be in advance,


Law firms don’t need to double in size to increase profitability and improve your quality of life.

You simply need expert advice. Our methodology includes expert consulting, working with a peer group of like-minded, non-competing attorneys and carefully selected experts.


Testing marketing campaigns and intake management systems usually only win if you have a very strong ability to track every lead.

With our help you will be able to make marketing and personnel decisions based on marketing conversions and revenue.

Do You Stand Out as a Firm?

It is difficult to stand out as a firm in an already saturated market. Magnifying this is the time it takes to find effective ways to stand out when you are trying to be a great attorney. Not to mention, the large firms don’t even want you to survive. There are over 1.3 Million attorneys in the US. Of those, over 63,000 are personal injury attorneys.

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We Understand Your Roadblocks.

  • I don’t have time to speak to marketing companies
  • I don’t want to waste time hearing about more marketing opportunities
  • I’m tired of losing business to competition
  • I’m not sure what to implement
  • I’ve tried different lead sources, but performance is less than expected
  • I’m wasting money on marketing idea that don’t work
  • I'm an attorney, not a marketer or business expert
  • I’m experiencing burnout working around the clock
  • I don’t have enough time to enjoy life
  • I’m struggling to get my practice under control

One-Size-Fits-All Doesn’t Work

How many webinars have you attended and how many events have you traveled to that provide you ‘all the solutions & ideas’ you need to succeed? But then, you realize that of the ideas they provide don't apply in practice, one is maybe a fit for YOU. BIG understands that and provides the expertise and personalized strategies that are right for YOU. We help busy business professionals who don’t have time for the trial and error of countless “one size fits all” marketing schemes. We create Customized and Personalized marketing plans that fit YOU.

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How The Bright Idea Group Works

Our experts will lead you on a journey each month sharing bright ideas in all areas of marketing and practice management. We’ll spend 1 on 1 time with you each month strategizing on specific ideas to implement for your firm. Additionally, we will discuss the previous month’s ideas and help you overcome any challenges you faced. Our elite, intimate group will help you grow your business faster and more efficiently than any “networking” group” and you also have nowhere to hide if you don’t accomplish your goals. Our team has helped grow firms to the millions and beyond.

Scale Your Law Firm With Bright Idea Group

We want to help you achieve YOUR personal and professional goals.  We understand that smaller firms waste an enormous amount of time and money researching and implementing idea that often do not work.

Instead of wasting time and money by trial and error, the Bright Idea Group surrounds you with experts and peers sharing ideas that have worked and ideas that haven’t. BIG doesn’t spend your money, BIG helps maximize the results from the money you already spend!

law firm operations management
We are on a mission to help law firm owners double their revenues.

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